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Cauliflower Taco Meat

August 29, 2019


Have you ever had an idea in your head about a recipe that you wanted to try and then right about the time your family is wondering what you are making for dinner you realize your main ingredient has gone off!?! I had planned to make a mushroom based taco meat for dinner last night, but my shrooms had gone bad...eek! My kids had already seen the taco shells I pulled out so there was no going back after all the taco night celebrations!


That is when I remembered that I had some frozen riced cauliflower in the freezer and I wondered to myself how that would turn out...would I be able to pull it off? The answer is YES! We already know that cauliflower is out there masquerading as mashed potatoes, pizza crust, wings and now taco meat! (It is pictured above with refried beans, but you can see the meaty goodness right in the center of my deconstructed taco.)


I hope you and your family will enjoy this more whole-foods alternative to the processed veggie burger you find in stores!




Cauliflower Taco Meat

PREP TIME    5        |         COOK TIME   10       |       TOTAL TIME   15

Servings:     4-6

Category:    Meat Subs

Cuisine:      Tex-Mex



Riced Cauliflower                       2    cups

Bragg's or tamari                    1-2    Tbl

Nooch or veg broth powder       2    Tbl

Onion, diced                           1/4    cup

Garlic, minced                           1    Tbl

Oregano                                    1    tsp

Chili Seasoning mix *                 2    Tbl or to taste

Salt                                                  to taste



Put a couple of tablespoons of oil in a medium sized skillet over medium-high heat. Saute the diced onion until soft. Add minced garlic until fragrant.


If using frozen riced cauliflower toss it in the pan. If using fresh riced cauliflower you will need to add a few tablespoons of water and allow it to steam the cauliflower with the lid on until tender, but not mushy so maybe 4-5 minutes. Stir and test your cauliflower every 2 minutes, adding more water if needed.


Once your cauliflower is tender add the remaining ingredients and mix well to evenly coat the cauliflower with the flavors. If it seems too dry add a little water a tablespoon at a time. Heat through stirring often to prevent burning.


Serve immediately.



My taco meat came out a little on the salty side, but once I added beans and other toppings it was perfect. 

*You will find the Chili Seasoning Mix recipe in the blog portion of our Black Beans recipe post. Or use your favorite mix.


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