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Lentil Soup

August 14, 2019

I just made a pot of these for a dinner with my in-laws and they were both quite complimentary! Seems like lentils are one of those beans that people rarely get excited about, but if my husband requests them and the in-laws enjoy them then I think I have a winning recipe.



My family loves these beans any time of year, but especially when the weather gets cool. This soup, that is more like a stew, will definitely stick to your ribs! Make it an easy one-pot meal by serving it with your favorite chips or crackers, or go all out and serve it with corn bread. Either way you have a great meal. 


This recipe has dill and cumin notes accented with the salty and tangy combo of liquid aminos and lemon. If you haven't tried Violife's feta now would be the time; it is a perfect pairing to sprinkle on top!


If you haven't already checked out my quick tips for slow cookers vs. pressure cookers for newbies in the Black Beans post you can find it here. But since lentils do not require soaking you could absolutely make this recipe in a pot on your stove top! Just follow the package directions to ensure that your beans will be soft. Otherwise, my quick preparation tips are the same. If you can get frozen mirepoix from your grocery store all you will have to do is dice your potatoes and dump everything into the pot!


Not only do these bean go well together with any grain, serve them with rice or quinoa for example. But if you tend to over cook like I do, then you can easily use the leftovers to make burger patties or a loaf (recipes coming soon). So don't be afraid to cook up a BIG pot!


Lentil Soup

PREP TIME    10        |         COOK TIME   30       |       TOTAL TIME   40

Servings:     10-12

Category:    Beans

Cuisine:      Soup



Lentils                                      4    cups

Potatoes diced                         1    cups

Spinach chopped                  1/2    cups

Carrots diced                        1/2    cups

Celery diced                         1/2    cups

Onions                                  1/4   cups

Braggs Aminos                       2    Tbsp

Nutritional Yeast                   1/4   cups

Lemon juice                            2    Tbsp

Bay leaves                              2    each

Diced tomatoes                      1   15 oz can

Garlic minced                         2    Tbsp

Onion powder                         1    Tbsp

Cumin                                     2    tsp

Salt                                         1    tsp

Garlic powder                         1    tsp

Dill                                          2    tsp



Slow Cooker Method:

Add all ingredients to the pot EXCEPT tomatoes. 

Cook on HIGH for about 6 hours or until beans are tender.

Add tomatoes and season to taste.


Pressure Cooker Method: 

Place all ingredients except for tomatoes into the pot.

Set on 25 minute bean setting. Slow or natural release is not necessary.

Once done, add tomatoes and season to taste.


*You can sub soy sauce if you don't have Bragg's on hand. Soy sauce is a stronger flavor so start with a tablespoon and add more if needed. 


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