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Liquid Sunshine Cold-Pressed Juice

August 6, 2019

This was our best selling juice and I am sharing it with you in honor of the fast that I am currently on. I am getting older, and squishier and it is time to take my body a little more seriously! My goal is a 5-day "reboot" as Joe Cross would call it. 

 This delicious, vitamin-rich juice is a crowd favorite that got its name when an employee of ours was asked by a customer to describe the flavor. "Apple, orange, carrot, lemon, ginger. It is like liquid sunshine in a cup!" And we liked the description so much that we renamed our juice!


Juicers--VERY Brief Info

Liquid Sunshine works out great in a centrifugal or masticating juicer. FYI, if you are new to juicing, centrifugal juicers are cheaper so they are great entry level juicers for newbies, but they do a terrible job with greens. If you plan on juicing long-term it will be worth the added investment to get a masticating juicer. You will get more juice from your produce and therefore save money in the long-run. We chose a Kuving's (we do NOT get a kick-back if you purchase one) because the wide opening saves you chopping time (i.e. you can put bigger pieces of produce in the juicer at one time). But there are many great machines to choose from out there, so do your research! One of the biggest obstacles to juicing regularly for us is the clean up. So that would be something to look for when exploring features.


Fasts or "Reboots"

As far as what menu or plan I am following, I really make it up as I go! I have been juicing on and off for years so I have my go-to recipes. I am looking forward to trying a few new ones this time around. There are plenty of resources online. My biggest tip when juicing is to be sure that you have a balance of fruit and veggies. It is tempting to focus on fruit juices because they taste good, but you really need to include those veggies to ensure proper nutrition and so you don't over do it on fructose, or plant sugars. (This is very important if you are diabetic.) You will likely chug some terrible juices down as you try different recipes looking for that balance of flavors that make veggie juices palatable, but it will be worth it!


I do try to stick to juicing on my fasts. But if I feel like I am starting to get hangry or tempted to give up before I reach my goal, I will have a smoothie or even a piece of fruit or raw or steamed veggies. It is so hard cooking for kids and not eating sometimes! The important thing is that you are cutting out all processed foods and flooding your body with plant-based nutrients! So don't be hard on yourself! The first few days can be the hardest if you have a lot to detox or if you have never fasted before, but it is worth the literal headaches once you get through it!



Liquid Sunshine

PREP TIME    15        |         COOK TIME   NA       |       TOTAL TIME   15

Servings:     3

Category:    Pressed Juice

Cuisine:      Juice



Apples                     4

Lemons                   2

Oranges                  2

Carrots                    6

Ginger Root         1/2 inch cube



Clean the carrots. We usually cut off the tops, but there is no need to peel them. Cut into strips that will fit in your juicer.


Peel the citrus with a knife so you can leave as much of the pith (the white part of the peel) as you can--it is nutrient rich. Cut into pieces that will fit your juicer.


Clean and cut the apples to fit your juicer. No need to worry about seeds, the juicer will take care of that for you.


When adding the produce to the juicer always start with the cube of ginger. The rest of the produce will wash all the lovely flavor into your juice!


We strain our juice using a nut milk bag or a wire strainer, but if you don't mind a bit of pulp stir it up and enjoy!



The size of your produce will vary, obviously, so it will take some practice to get the ratios just right. The only time I have ever been a little disappointed by this juice is if the lemon is too strong (we had huge lemons).


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