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Black Bean Burgers

July 16, 2019

Now that you have made a big pot of black beans, use those left overs to make delicious black bean burgers! I worked hard to create a recipe that the whole family could enjoy (not too spicy for the kids), and would not fall apart!


 Again, this recipe is pretty straightforward! Mix up the ingredients, make burger shapes on a lined pan and bake. But I will share a few tips I have learned along the way. 


I have invested in baking mats. It is not only environmentally friendly, but the mats work so much better than the parchment paper because you don't have to worry about your spatula tearing the paper when you need to turn the burgers. Since this recipe is a little wet the paper tends to warp with the moisture and tear easily. So parchment is great for cookies, but not so much for these burgers though it will work if that is all you have for now.


I also discovered, while making a ton of these burgers for a party, that the pan needs to be directly over the heat. You don't want to lower the racks in your oven or anything. What I mean is if you put pans on the upper and lower racks in your oven, the pan on the lower rack is going to get the smooth, thin layer of crust you want that makes the burgers hold together better and easier to turn. The pan on the upper rack just doesn't turn out as well since it is not directly exposed to the heat. 


These burgers were a top requested special at our restaurant. We served them on a GF bun with lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, mayo and optional slice of vegan cheese. The wonderful thing about these burgers is that they are tasty enough to shine with basic burger toppings, but mild enough in flavor that you can top them any way you like! Maybe kick up the spice a notch with a some jalapenos in your favorite guac!


These are a crowd-pleaser and they freeze well so maybe double or triple the recipe below! 



Black Bean Burgers

PREP TIME    10        |         COOK TIME   40       |       TOTAL TIME   50

Servings:     6

Category:    Bean Burgers

Cuisine:      Classic



Black beans (leftovers)       1 1/4 cup

Liquid Smoke                           5 drops

Braggs Liquid Aminos*          1/4 cup

Nutritional Yeast                       1 Tbl

Chili seasoning mix                  2 tsp

Oregano                                   1 tsp

Ground Mustard                    1/2 tsp

TVP or Quinoa*                     1/2 cup

Onion Powder                         1 Tbsp

Flour (GF)                             1/2 cup



Mix all ingredients except flour in a large bowl until thoroughly combined. It is okay to smash a few beans in the process.


Mix in the flour a little at a time to avoid lumps. The mixture will be a bit like thick cake batter; it will be sticky but should not run when scooped on to the baking sheet. If you can scoop it with a spoon and it does not easily run off then that should be good. Add a little more flour at a time, if needed, until you get this consistency.



Scoop about 1/3 cup of batter onto a silicone (works best) or parchment-lined cookie sheet. Shape burgers into patties. I use a rubber spatula or my fingers to create round patties and smooth out the tops of the burgers.


Bake at 350 for 20 minutes each side. Allow to cool on a wire rack before storing.



*You can sub soy sauce if you don't have Bragg's on hand. Soy sauce is a stronger flavor so start with a couple of tablespoons and add more if needed. 

*I use whatever I have on hand. If I don't have cooked quinoa prepared I will hydrate some TVP. If I have neither I might use some oats!


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