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Black Beans

July 9, 2019

This is my basic black beans recipe. I make a big pot of these bad boys and I can build a variety of meals from here. (Stay tuned for some meal prep ideas!)



 I will not bore you with a bunch of blogger details on this one...this is a pretty straightforward recipe. But, I will share just a couple of details just in case you are an absolute beginner.


First, it does not matter if you use a pressure cooker (my fave method because it is fast--no soaking or waiting for hours) or a slow cooker. But there are some things to know if you are using a slow cooker. 1) It will obviously take more time. 2) Do not add acids like tomatoes until the beans are soft. If you add tomatoes too soon your beans will take forever to get soft! 3) You will need to soak your beans overnight, and drain and rinse them before cooking. These type of instructions are on the back of the package usually.


Second, I obviously like my beans to have a little Hispanic flare. I have been told that they rival a Cuban mama's beans (massive compliment in my book)! But I do keep my recipe a little easy on the spiciness so feel free to ramp it up if you like.


Finally, a few short-cut tips:

  • Fresh bell peppers and onions are great, but I also like to keep diced frozen veggies on hand. It cuts prep time down to almost nothing! I get mine for a buck at Kroger.

  • Keep a tub of minced garlic on hand in your fridge so all you have to do is spoon what you need into the pot. (For someone with some knife skills I hate cutting!) I buy mine at Costco.

  • Make a big container of chili seasoning and keep it on hand. This stuff is good for more than just beans. Use it to make tacos, fajitas, etc. without having to measure all the powders individually every time. Recipe below.

Chili Seasoning Mix:

Chili Powder         2 Parts

Onion Powder      2 Parts

Cumin                  1 Part

Garlic Powder      1 Part



Black Beans

PREP TIME    10        |         COOK TIME   30       |       TOTAL TIME   40

Servings:     12-18

Category:    Beans

Cuisine:      Hispanic



Black Beans - dry                   6 cups

Water                                    12 cups

Garlic - minced                       1 Tbsp

Salt                                         1 tsp

Nutritional Yeast Flakes       1/2 cup

Green Bell pepper - diced       1 cup

Onion - diced                           1 cup

Tomatoes - diced                 2 15 oz cans

Chili Season Mix                  2/3 cup

Braggs Liquid Aminos*         1/4 cup

Oregano (optional)               1/2 Tbsp



Slow Cooker Method:

Soak beans according to package directions, either overnight or "quick soak" method.

Drain and rinse beans, then add fresh water.

Add all ingredients to the pot EXCEPT tomatoes. 

Cook on HIGH for about 6 hours or until beans are tender.

Add tomatoes and season to taste.


Pressure Cooker Method: 

Place all ingredients except for tomatoes into the pot.

Set on 30 minute bean setting. Allow about 10 minutes to naturally release.

Once done, add tomatoes and season to taste.


*You can sub soy sauce if you don't have Bragg's on hand. Soy sauce is a stronger flavor so start with a couple of tablespoons and add more if needed. 


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