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Tomato Basil Soup

April 11, 2019

Spring is here so you might be thinking it is getting a little warm to roll out a soup recipe, but I enjoy tomato basil soup year-round! Plus there is still a little chill in the air!

I don't know about you, but I have had some terrible vegan tomato soups that taste like someone just blended up a can of diced tomatoes and served it! Just because I am plant based doesn't mean that I don't want to enjoy a tomato soup that is creamy in texture and full of flavor!


Our tomato basil soup was one of our top selling soups (after chili) because it has exactly what you are looking for--lots of flavor and a smooth texture. And the secret to the smooth, creamy texture is CASHEWS. If you have been on the plant-based scene for a while now then you already know that this soft nut can do wonders for adding a creamy texture to our favorite foods. And a little bit goes a long way; you will only need about a quarter of a cup for this recipe.

This recipe also has everything that you would expect in a delicious tomato soup including basil, obviously! I have gotten some surprised looks about how much I like to use of this awesome herb in my soup. I have even had a few cooks at the restaurant skimp on the basil a bit because they thought it was way too much. DON'T SKIMP! I get a package of fresh basil from one of the local farmer's markets and I drop the entire thing--stems and all--into the blender! Well, I may hold out a few leaves to cut into ribbons for a garnish, but otherwise USE THE WHOLE THING! Don't be afraid that it looks a little too green in the blender. When you add the milk and the extra can of tomatoes you will start to see the deep red color you are familiar with come back through as you heat it.


Not only is this a super yummy soup, that will take you back to your childhood when paired with a grilled cheese, but it is super EASY to make. Most everything goes in the blender, and then you stir it all together in the pot. I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine!


Stay healthy! 

PREP TIME    10m        |         COOK TIME   10m       |       TOTAL TIME   20m

Servings:     6-8

Category:    Soup

Cuisine:      Classic



Tomato - canned diced            3 15 oz can

bullion                                       2 Tbl

corn starch                               2 tsp

onion                                     1/4 cup

onion powder                           2 Tbl

sugar (agave)                           1 tsp

fresh basil                                1 pkg (20 leaves)

Nutritional Yeast flakes      1/4 cup

salt                                           2 tsp

cashews                               1/4 cup

milk                                   2 1/2 cup

carrots                                 1/4 cup



Place all the ingredients, except for the milk and one can of tomatoes, in the blender and run until smooth. Pour contents of blender into a pot and rinse the blender with the milk, and add it to the pot. Add the remaining can of tomatoes. 


Heat over medium heat until hot. Garnish with additional basil ribbons. Serve with grilled cheese, corn bread or rolls. Enjoy!



I like to reserve a can of the tomatoes and add them as-is to the pot to give the soup a little more hearty texture, but feel free to blend it all up for a completely smooth soup.




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