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Finally a Kitchen (for real)

December 11, 2017

We have finally gotten our last inspection completed on our new kitchen space! We are so glad it is done, but we still have a long way to go! The kitchen is still only permitted as a base of operation for the food truck. (So please check out our calendar or follow us on social media to see the truck hours and locations.)

 The next step is to purchase the cooking equipment (griddle, range, ovens) and have the hood upgraded in order to open for pick-up, or to-go, hours. Then, we will finally add tables and chairs and other decor in order to be a full-on restaurant! Obviously this would require an additional investment, so it will take time. (As always, if you want this to happen sooner rather than later feel free to donate to the cause!)


Once again, our timing seems to be a little off--we have permitted our truck in the winter again! We will be watching the weather and getting out as much as we can! As soon as we figure out the best days of the week to be out, we will set more regular hours. Please remember that we cater, so don't forget to hit us up for that.


Thank you to everyone that comes out in the cold to eat with us! Your continued support is appreciated!

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