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Why does Vego drive so SLOW?

April 17, 2017

Its not because I am a girl driving a big truck! (I hear so many things like, "Wow! YOU drive the truck, not him!" or "Look out! Woman driver!")

 Vego drives slow because we are a 7 ton truck! We are a 7 ton truck that we converted to a kitchen on wheels! So that is some extra weight on the old girl--meaning the truck! That extra weight makes it difficult to take off from a stop, especially on an incline. The engine just doesn't have the power. I have also heard from my mechanic that there is a reason that trucks get dismissed from a fleet, so BUMMER! I wish I knew that before I bought it...but even if the engine had more juice, we wouldn't want to drive so that things are tossed around in the back!


In addition to being a used truck with some extra weight on it, it also has a governor. That means I can't go over 65 even on the highway. So if you get stuck behind us on the road I apologize in advance! It can be frustrating for us too! I HATE getting on the highway when the ramp is an incline! That means I am pulling out into traffic going 25 miles an hour--eek!


We have had the fuel filter changed, used an injector cleaner, and had the air filter checked. If you have any other advice for getting more power out of a diesel engine, message me please! In the mean time, please be patient. We are doing the best we can!


UPDATE (7/9/2017): Per a referral from our food truck association (FTAG), we took our truck to Always Nearby Inc. mechanics to take a look at the issues. They did a great job and fixed all of our issues we were having, at a reasonable price. They discovered that we were only getting about 75% of our engine's power, due to a faulty connection. It is much better now! If you see us on the road, we shouldn't be the slowest one any longer. We're still a 7 ton truck though. 

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