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Why a Food Truck?

October 9, 2016



Before I get into how we got our food truck, let me answer the question that I get asked almost every time I say that I am starting a food truck: Why? 


My husband, David, and I have been on a long journey toward healthy living. In a lot of ways we are still a work in progress (I think he has progressed faster than me!), but we have decided that it is best to be 100% plant based, or vegan, as part of our diet and exercise plan. Well, this makes eating out a bit of a challenge! Throw in there that I should be gluten free (reduces inflammation in the body for me), and then we are truly limited when it comes to restaurant choices!  


David and I have been the Health Ministry leaders in our church for some time now, and we enjoy sharing our path towards a healthier lifestyle with others. And I don't mean to brag, but I have been told on a number of occasions that I am a great cook. We decided to put our passion for health and my flare for cooking together to fill a niche in the food industry. Originally we planned to open a traditional restaurant, but that is VERY expensive. So, with a little nudging from the Holy Spirit (I told you we are church people!) we looked into the food truck craze--less expensive than a restaurant, but you are stilling going to need some serious money.


That leads me to food truck lesson 1: Prepare an air-tight, detailed business plan, and then plan for it not to go according to plan!

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